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What an exceptional Spring and Summer we are having !  It was our first spring in Devon and we have watched with wonder the large bunches of daffodils springing out of the ground in great numbers, blue and white wild anemones and pink spring cyclamens gathering together to brighten the paths with their vivid colors.  For a few weeks, the wild garlic covered the woodlands with their long lush green leaves and their heads of starlike white flowers, filling the air with the unmistakable smell of the spice.  It has been so delicious to see and delicious to eat !  It is now June and the elders are now coming into blooms.  I have just been given a recipe to make elderflower syrop and I can't wait to try !

To carry on with warm, flowery and summery aromas, we have chosen a resin as the profile of this newsletter.  Benzoin has a sweet, warm, balsamic aroma with a delightful touch of vanilla.  The pure resinoid is naturally thick, sticky and difficult if not impossible to work with.
We now have a benzoin which is diluted in ethanol (pure alcohol), therefore chemical free, liquid and 'user friendly'.  We have applied to the Soil Association and have just heard back that our application will be approved - only a matter of paperwork !




 Styrax tonkinensis (STYRACACEAE)



The styrax genus is made of a group of decidious and evergreen shrubs and trees that grow in Northern and Southern America, Asia and Europe.

Siam and Sumatra benzoins are the two most important varieties cultivated for their gums.

They are tall and evergreen trees that can reach a height of 12 to 15m.  They are characterised by long ovate citrus-like leaves and clusters of white flowers. 



The resin that exudes from the bark does not occur naturally.  It is secreted by numerous oleoresin ducts that are formed after the tree has received a severe wound. 

The tree is axed or 'tapped' with traditional tools by making a V-shaped incision in the bark.  The resin is a creamy fluid that starts collecting under the bark or oozes out of the incisions. With time it takes a honey amber like tone and hardens into tear-shaped lumps which are collected 3 to 4 weeks after the tree has been tapped.  The tears are then cleaned, sorted and graded into quality groups.

The tree needs to be no less than 7 years old before the process of tapping can start.  The first 3 years yield the best quality gum.  On average a tree produces 1.5 kg a year.  Production carries on for 10 to 12 years after which the tree is cut down and the remaining gum scraped.




There is not such thing as benzoin essential oil.  It is actually a resinoid which is the result of a solvent extraction of the gum.  The solvent used is alchohol which is evaporated to leave the pure fragrant resinoid on one side and the residue tears from which the fragrant compounds have been extracted on the other.  The resinoid is a dark brown solid sticky 'mass', which smells delicious but is totally unworkable to the Aromatherapist.

Typically it is diluted with Dipropylene glycol to different ratios to offer resinoids of various viscosity and mobility.

Materia Aromatica stocks an organic resinoid, diluted with pure organic alchohol (55% resinoid, 45% ethanol).  It is liquid and will blend with both essential and carrier oils.



Benzoin growing in Sumatra and Java is extracted from Styrax benzoin whereas Siam Benzoin comes from Stryrax tonkinensis which grow in Thailand and Laos.

Sumatra benzoin contains 18 % benzoic acid, about 20 % of cinnamic acid and 1% of vanillin.

The chief constituent of Siam Benzoin is benzoic acid (32%.) along with 2% vanillin but no cinnamic acid.  Perhaps this is the lack of cinnamic acid that makes Siam Benzoin considered superior by perfumers.
This is the variety that Materia Aromatica stock.



- Respiratory system: 
Benzoin works as a mild expectorant and is useful with conditions such as bronchitis, cold & fly symptoms, sore throats.  It also helps with asthma along side frankincense and bergamot

- Arthritis & rheumatism

- Skin conditions
Its antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties are useful in cases involving eczema, acne, red and inflamed of the skin, chapped skin, cuts and bruises.

- Nervous tension and stress related complaints



Benzoin is also said to be mildly irritant to the skin.  It is recommended to do a skin test before applying it.  Do not use neat, always dilute in a carrier oil before use.



Benzoin will blend well with a number of other essential oils

- Flowers such as geranium, jasmine, neroli, rose, ylang ylang, tuberose,

- All the citrus oils

- The woods and woody fragrances: cypress, juniper, cedarwood, sandalwwod, laurel

- Also frankincense, myrrh, spikenard

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There will be some price changes over the next few months to bring up to date our current prices with the economic fluctuations of the past couple of years. 

We have not changed our prices for 3 years now despite the unfavorable exchange rates. It does not mean that prices will necessarily go up.  They will be adjusted to reflect the changes and fluctuations in the market of essential oils.

We won't update all the prices at the same time but little by little.  Prices showing on the website will always be up-to-date.

Special Offers

31st August 2010

20% off retail & trade prices on a selection of items

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