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Muslin Face Cloth

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Cotton wool pads

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5. Lip Balm: Orange

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2. Nourishing NIght Oil - Nocturnal Mist

99.5% organic 30 ml This night oil is designed to suit all skin typ... More >>
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Materia Aromatica range of organic skincare has been designed after years of blending and experimenting for myself and my skin with pure and unadulterated essential and vegetable oils.  

The aim was to create an organic skincare range which only uses raw materials as they come freshly pressed or distilled from the plants.  Our ingredients are pure and unrefined, extracted by traditional means.  They are either cold- pressed, steam-distilled or CO2 extracted.  They have not been subjected to any other refining processes.  They and have kept their original aroma and colour and all the invaluable therapeutic properties contained in them.  Our avocado oil is green, St John's wort red, rosehip deep orange, calendula browny, jojoba golden, german chamomile deep blue ....  Most of our skincare oils are certified by the Soil Association (as clearly stated on the website).  Free from the exposure to fertilizers and pesticides, they have a resonance and a vibrancy that comes alive in our blended products.

The result is a range of organic skincare products that nourishes, heals and nurture the skin without any ill-effects. 

Our skincare products are made in house, using our range of certified organic essential and vegetable oils.  We have a quick stock turn and  produce as we sell.  You are always certain to receive the freshest - days old or even made per order - organic skincare.  A real treat in our world of mass production !

Our finished products are free from chemicals, synthetics, alcohol, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, sodium lauryl sulfate and others...

Our finished products or single ingredients have not been tested on animals only willing and enthusiastic humans.

Don't hesitate to call (01548 831671) or email (info@materiaromatica.com), should you have any questions or be in need of advice.

Isabelle Poignart


Body Wash

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