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Punica granata


Cold-pressed from the seeds

Organic - Soil Association Certified


Pomegranate goes way back in ancient cultures.  It has been used for its medicinal properties for thousand years and has been part of religious traditions in many cultures including Christian's.

The oil is cold-pressed from the exotic fruit, renowned for its juicy red seeds.  It contains unusual fatty acids, which play a major role to enhance the oxidative stability of a formulation.  It can be used instead of Vitamin E to enhance the shelf life of less stable oils such as borage, evening primrose, hemp ...  It is also an invaluable ingredient in skin care, especially in anti-aging and tissue repair formulations.

The oil is unusually thick and sticky.  Add 5 % to a blend of other vegetable oils or in a cream.  
It does transform a blend and leaves a velvety feel on the skin as if it had removed any unwanted blemishes.

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